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I get canker sores from just cutting lip or biting tongue. They can be so small but they end up getting big and painful. I don't know why immune system waits for it to get big till it finally kicks in. Usually just leave them alone and they just go away (just tough it out). Last week i got twp on the tip of my tongue and it was just misery. I consider myself a pro as far as mouth sores are concerned and any sore on your tongue are by far the worse atleast twofold as painful and also because it is harder to taste food because the sore is not the only affected area. I went to walmart and got a tiny bottle of this stuff called RELEEF. It was $17 and it claimed to take pain away right away and take pain symptoms within one day. I bought it and used it and to my surprise (i have tried many of these ), IT WORKED. THIS STUFF IS MIRACULOUS.

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I just bought Releev from Walmart based on this comment and have applied it once thus far and it immediately took the pain away! Surprisingly it didn't sting too bad when I first put it on. Was using Anbesol and almost fainted from pain each application. I have a sore inside my cheek so wasn't sure if I could use this stuff inside the mouth, but you can and also on the tongue. Hoping the sore will go away in a day like it claims, but more happy with no pain!

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