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I have suffered from boils for years. Nothing really helped. But now I have found the solution! No creams, virtually no pain, and it seems to work every time.

I found this quite by accident. My sister has a tanning salon, and has this huge level 3 stand up job. Well, I had a nasty boil on my hip. on a whim, I exposed this to the light while I was being fried (I am not a regular tanning customer). Well wouldn't you know it in a couple of days it was gone! and it was very well established and in an area where it would be rubbed constantly from any movement I made.

Well the past summer I was working on am air conditioning system on a car. I went to Advance auto parts and bought a leak detection kit. It came with some yellow safety glasses and this UV flashlight. Looks just like a pen light, but it has a UV LED in it.

Wouldn't you know it! when I get a boil I hold this light right against my skin. It's not even enough to tan the area it exposes, but it kills the staph infection under the skin! I do two treatments. The first one doesn't seem to be working after one day. So I hold it on there for maybe five to ten minutes the second day. In a week it is healing nicely. In two weeks it is gone with no further treatments!

I am so relieved that I found this. You have no idea. I just had to share this with some of you who are plagued with this as well.

This site will not allow me to add a link. So search for:

Interdynamics UV Leak Detection kit.

You will guard this thing with your life I promise!

I have had no adverse reaction to this what-so-ever. I don't think its any worse than very bright sunlight. But do not look into this light. Because it would damage your eyes. And keep this thing out of reach of children. Good luck!
This is one thing I can say works for me 100% of the time.

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After further research, the function of the UV rays is as follows. It doesn't actually kill the bacteria. what it does is sterilizes them so they can not reproduce. Since they have a relatively short lifespan, in a few days the infection is gone. No lancing, no ointment, no nasty draining. Especially if you catch it early. It simply goes away. Like a boost to your immune system.

Heather, RN

I tried this method. I bought the same UV leak detector kit at an auto supply. It really worked. Now the large boil didn't disappear overnight, however, it was much less red, swollen and hot within a day. I will be using this method again as needed for myself and my family. I could have gone to the Dr. for antibiotics, but that is why/how we are continuing to have problems with drug resistant bacteria.


Thank you so much for posting. I have suffered through boils my entire adult life, never realizing I could actually treat them at home. After developing a particularly painful boil, I found your post and bought the light. The pain was dwindling by the end of the day. The second day it is noticeably smaller, softer, less red and barely painful. This post is a life saver. Thank you a million times.


The only embarrassing part of this was the guy behind the counter gave me detailed instructions on what I should look for while inspecting my air conditioner. I don't know a solitary thing about automotive repair. I nodded my head gravely, thanked him for the tips and virtually ran out of the store. Thanks for the tip!

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