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Hi my name is Adrian
First of all, thank you all for sharing your story about anxiety. I'm 40 years old and recently got my first anxiety attack. The first anxiety attack happened to me on Friday 11/30/2012 while driving to work. I was able to get to the side of the road with no problems and then my carpool friend called 911. I went to the hospital and they did a bunch of test. All they found was high blood pressure, everything else came back negative. At the hospital they did not detected or discover the anxiety attack problem. I stayed in the hospital for 1 day, than I went to see my doctor and he prescribed me high blood pressure medicine. Four days later I had the anxiety attack again but this time I went to urgent care where the doctor there after a few questions she said I had gotten a panic attack. She prescribed me Lorazepam to only use when I start to feel the panic attack, so the following day I went to see my doctor and he said that Lorazepam is habit forming. So he switch my prescription to Proxetine. My doctor said that it usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for the drug to work and for the mean time have the Loranzepam ready if I were to get an anxiety attack to use it since it reacts within 15min. Since I been taking the Paroxetine I have been only getting mild anxiety attacks but I also feel some pressure in my head behind the eyes. I went to see an eye specialist and they checked for any damage in the eyes and all is good. The eye specialist even said my vision is 20/20. But she also said that my eyes were a little dry so she told me to buy some over the counter eye drops which I'm using. More than likely it might be the dry eyes that is making me feel like pressure in the head. The more I sleep the better I feel but sleeping will not solve my problem. I'm going to set up an appointment with a psychologist this up coming Monday. My wife says your are stronger than that and snap out of it. But to tell you the truth, I'm scare. I went to get acupuncture and a massage which relax me and I was able to sleep for about 10hrs. Has any body tried this 'Panic Away' program? I'm so desperate that I'm willing to give anything a try. Here is my E-mail if you have any advise. Thanks you all once again.


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Be careful with the Paroxetine (sp?). I was on it for almost a year and experienced mild anxiety issues during the time, however, it does effect your body and though they say its not habit forming, I experienced withdrawal issues (vertigo, naseau, headaches, panic attacks, etc.) when I stopped taking it. I've been off meds for almost 6 months now, but it's coming to the point again where I might need to reevaluate the pros and cons. What has helped with prevention is drinking plenty of water, did a 30 day juice fast, and trying meditation techniques. They don't always work, but it's worth a shot. Good luck.


Anxiety and panic attacks could be a real ordeal. I had several panic attacks in the past. When it first happened, I thought I had serious illness. When I saw my GP, he told me it's all in my head and he prescribed me alprazolam (xanax). The medication worked wonder BUT NOT without side effects. I noticed that after I took the prescription, anxiety is coming more often. After some 'google research', I was sure that alprazolam or any other benzodiazepine drugs can cause serious withdrawal symptoms even after a very short-term use. Withdrawal means more anxieties for longer duration to say the least.So I decided not to take the drugs no more.

After that decision, everytime I feel anxiety is coming, I try to distract my mind with something that requires me to focus. Here are a few things I do for distraction. Reading out a part of newspaper with a slow, professional-like tone. Do mathematical calculations. Have conversation with anyone. Pretend like I am giving a lecture about managing anxiety. Just make your mind preoccupied with something positive. I also have a stock comedy movies to watch. Laughter is really the best medicine.

You can win over anxieties. The more you can get through anxiety without drugs, the stronger you will become. Trust me. My anxiety was really bad, but I am now anxiety free. Keep positive thoughts coming.

I hope this helps.


I am 34 years old and about a month a half also had my first panick attack. I also have high blood pressure resulting from the anxiety but all tests have come back ok. I have had 4 rounds of blood work, 4 ECGS, One echocardiogram and one 24 hour holter monitor. I also have the pressure behind one of my eyes and slight blurry vision. I have started massage therapy and counseling and are just now starting to slowly recover. I am also on a mild beta blocker and I have ativan for when the anxiety feels like too much to handle. I am trying to avoid the ativan as much as possible as I hear it is addictive. In average, I probably have 1 pill a week. I am very curious to hear how you are doing and what is helping for you. I have found a few websites that offer a lot of information that put my mind at ease (as much as possible while having anxiety). I hope we get through this as soon as possible....I don't know you, but for me - it has affected my life.


I found out that Paroxetine was the medicine causing the pressure in my head behind the eyes. This medicine was also causing me to have suicidal/harm myself thoughts. I called my doctor and I told him, he then switch the medicine to Lexapro which no longer is causing the head pressure and no suicidal thoughts. I still have the Loranzepam as backup until the Lexapro takes full affect in 4 to 6 weeks. I was also prescribed Ambien because I did not sleep for 3 days. I went to talk to a psychologist this past Monday (12-17-12). The information the psychologist gave me is not helping me much. What has help me the most is talking with my friends and family. I found out that so many of them have gone through this and no longer take any medicine. They told me to take the medicine your doctor prescribes and to not listen to any body about them being habit forming. Once these medicine get your head back to normal then you slowly stop taking them. I also told a nurse when I was taking my physical examination about me suffering 2 panic attacks and she told me that she also suffered a panic attack. She was given a shot of lexapro and then pills. She said she does not take the pills and has not had a panic attack again. I'm now better but I still feel out of phase once and awhile. Resting and drinking a lot of water helps too. Another thing that might be causing problems with me is that I cut all sugar, salt, and cafe. So Maria changing my life and talking to friends and family is what has been helping me a lot. If you have any questions for me or just want to talk you can email me at If I find the solution to my problem I will share it with everybody. But for now I'm still looking. Good luck to all and I wish we all get better.


I am glad to have stumbled onto this website. As a long time suffer from anxieties and panic attacks I have been on many prescribed medications, visited many ERs n many, many,many hospital stays, age 61 I stil suffer from anxiety disorders. From reading most comments on this website, I am ready to try anything that will alleviate my symptoms. Many suggestions and advice I have found and will try home remedies because after taking so many prescription medications is not the answer, at least for me anyway. Thank you!


I found the best solution was sex it calms the panic attacks


I was told by my psychologist to not hide and do my regular routine. Work, drive, and live life as you did. Take your medicines, she told that I was not going to be on meds all my life. But that I was progressing very fast.
When I talked to my family about I was going thru, I found that a few had gone thru the same thing. I asked them how long did it take them to recover, it was from 3 month to 1 year. I'm going to try Alphabiotic, they told me that they can fix anxiety and panic attack problems. If this works I will update.



Alphabiotic did not work for me. I keep exercising, drinking water, and eating right. I take my meds and sleep as much as I can.


I am 16 years old, and have been suffering from mild anxiety and panic attacks as well as ADHD. This has been happening since I was in third grade. It usually happens when I still haven't finish my homework and it's very late at night. My chest feels tight, my head pounds and that causes dizziness, my heart races, and I start to pull on my hair, pound whatever is near me, and throw things. Then I cry uncontrollably. I have two therapists and four different pills. It helps a little, but what works best for me is to take deep breaths when I feel one coming or (if I'm at home) crawling into my bed and going under the covers. It provides a sense of security, warmth, and calmness. I looked up why this happened and I stumbled across a really good answer. Apparently, it recreates the feeling of you being in your mother's womb. I hope my suggestions help!


Hey a, I'm 29 and get all the syptoms and attacks you have/had, plus the pressure in the head and behind the eyes, I get severe attacks and the doc put me on the same drugs, but har recently been told my back is out, and would you believe it it was. I got it sorted and now feel the best I've ever felt in 10 years!! Maybe you should get your back looked at, if it's out it causes a chemical imbalance, it's amazing stuff!! Good luck!

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