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I have been having herpes for about 25 years so I have tried a lot treatments. Last year I started using OREGANOL(oil of oregano). It is very effective if you use it when the first symptoms occurs. You just need to apply the oil on the area and reapply every hour. It also help with the pain and to speed the healing. Last time I used it I was able to detect the herpes very early and the herpes was stopped the first day.

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I have had the disease for a while now and didnt want to go to the dr because i felt embarrassed. I started looking all over for remedies and i have read alot of posts and websites on natural cures and managing your infection. Recently i used lysine tablets and creams but i still have severe outbreaks. recently i have started using a plant called Wonder of the World... and its amazing once i feel any pain or anything i put a leaf in a cup of hot water and drink it and put the leaf on the spot that hurts and its AMAZING... after a while the pain goes. Honestly i wanted to share this because i know there are many people out there suffering. This plant is amazing please try it and give me some feedback at


ok so, Ive read a TON on oregano oil working, and a possible 'cure' for the virus. it kills it. which is mixing DMSO with the oil and rubbing it in along the sping 2x daily for several weeks, plus, 5 drops of the oil under the tongue a day.. since you do the oil treatments on the areas, have you heard of this mix/'cure'? i was wondering if so, how dmso to mix since its pure?? just trying to see if have any suggestions. email me if anyone knows plz! i'd love to try this.

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