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Well I have suffered from BV for about 6 years now and I am otherwise a healthy 26 year old. I have never posted on any of the sites I have visited on a daily basis, I've really just lurked around, taking in ideas, and just finding comfort in knowing I was not (am not) alone. And that in itself, is comforting. This has hovered over me haunting me like a black cloud for most of my adult hood. I've been at my breaking point too many times to count. The depression I carry with me everyday. Well ladies after trying everything (antibiotics and home remedys) and spending rounghly a thousand dollars, I think (God willing) I have found a cure. For four days now at bed time I am vaginally inserting 250mg of vitamin C and in the mornings am syringing hydrogen peroxide and inserting that for about a minute. I know it might be too early to tell but spending 1$ on peroxide and 2$ on these vitamins, I am praying that this is the trick I've been praying for. Its so easy. So cheap. And I am seeing results and I am almost nervous to be as excited as I am. But for now I'm knocking on wood and keeling my fingers crossed. Oh also. Good luck ladies. I'm so so sorry that we are going through this.

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I thought you wasn't supposed to insert hydrogen peroxide into you like that. it's not for internal use??? only the kind you can gargle. i'm worried about using that method im sure the back woukd specify not to do something like this. will u explain why its ok to use this method will it hurt or harm me in anyway? olease reply thank you.


How much peroxcide did you use?


I'm not sure the exact amount, is say about two dixi cups full. Yes it is safe to use. A midwife will even suggest this technique and your vagina already makes this chemical.


The vitamin C worked for me!

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