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I live by myself and away from family including my bf who is half way across the world, I'm sometimes in vomit inducing pain, here is what I use to help get over it. I often don't have the want/ability to exercise until near the end of these steps.

-drugs(aleve,motrin,midol etc.) use appropriate strength for your pain with water at room temperature
-chamomile tea or if you don't have tea- hot water. if you can, get up and do this if not get someone to, if not skip it. I often skip it b/c at this point I'm in too much pain to get to the kitchen-unless my mom is around to get it for me :)
- and since youre pacing it b/c its probs too hot, curl up with back covered when on your side/fetal position/downward facing fetal position when in pain
-if you dont have the ability to get tea just lie down and massage your abdomen, lie in fetal position, stomach downwards&facing the bed-cover your back. nap if you can. push as if delivering a baby/do kegels when you are really feeling it. Not better or can't nap?
-take out tampon and get into a hot bath or hot shower(sit on shower floor) let the water hit your lower back/neck/stomach. do what ever feels best, KEGELS or pushing while you massage your stomach sometimes helps. dont use any soaps, youre not there to clean yourself but rather relieve pain.
-if in bath masturbate-try with waterproof vibrator/vibrating dildo
-when ready to get out dont worry about clothes your may be in too much pain anyway to think about it-by now your pain should have alleviated- if you masturbated in the bath and use tampons, insert one now.
-wrap yourself up in the towel and go to your bed.
-if you didn't masturbate before, masturbate now. use tampons to not worry about your sheets or use towel/pad&underwear(when done masturbating)
-heating pad(boil water while heating pad for tea)
-*OR if you don't have a heating pad boil water in kettle, microwave or stove
(at this point your prob feeling ok enough to boil water and pour in a bottle-I prefer using an electric kettle, it has a spout(vs microwave&stove) and is quick to heat up(vs. stove top). wrap it in something or use blanket as a divider with the bottled water while its too hot.
-While you're at it boil water for your chamomile tea/hot water to drink at a steady pace.

*Disposable plastic bottles won't work- if it's too hot it will distort/melt.

-Go lie down and sleep and remember COVER YOUR BACK

-If you know your period is coming have sex a day before. Have sex during your period if that works for you both.

if you do take drugs, take them as scheduled. DON'T TAKE MORE THAN NEEDED, I've lost count and track of time before and it was a bad time afterwards.

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