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So over the past four or five years I've always had at least one fairly large pimple on my face, it's been extreme embarrassing and I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about... I have spent a tonne of money trying to fix this but guess what... Yep you guessed it nothing works! So a couple weeks ago I was looking online and came across something that is all natural and works like a charm!! Within three days of using this method once or twice a day they were almost gone and within a couple week I had a flawless complexion with very little redness from the old breakouts... What did I use you ask?? I took a cotton pad drenched it with lemon juice and sprinkled on about a teaspoon of sugar... After rinsing my face with warm water I used the lemon and sugar mixture and scrubbed my face until I couldn't feel the sugar anymore, really made sure I scrubbed my problem areas like the wonderful t zone and the sides of my nose etc.... Rinse with warm water after you're done (make sure you don't get it in your eyes!) pat dry and go to sleep, you'll notice a difference in the morning I sure did!! Second day even bigger difference third day they were all dried up with NO NEW ones starting!! Now I can go outside with little to no makeup:-) now when I do this in the morning what I use as a moisturizer is actually a fluid with an 8% glycolic acid, eff that I don't want these things to come back!! I have a relatively light skin tone so I'm not afraid of bleeching my skin, so those of you who are tanned of have dark skin tones use lemon juice on your skin at your own risk!! But good luck to all that tries this method, just remember consistency is key in everything you do!! Whether it be this or even weight loss it's all consistency is the key to success!!

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Would sugar work just as good? I don't have any lemon juice :/.


I've been just using lemon juice you buy from the grocery store in the little plastic lemon that costs .
$0.99 and the regular table sugar, they say that organic is best but meh this is all I had and it works!! I have been so afraid to go without make up in front of my boyfriend even when going to bed and the last couple of weeks I have been going around with no make up on... People who don't try this are just fooling themselves into more time with their acne... I am never using another facial cleanser again!! I love lemons!!


Something to take note is that by using lemon juice on your're making your face more sensitive to the sun...

Suggestion: if you're going to do this...consider having a healthy and balance diet, particularly by having a lot of antioxidant-rich foods.

Remember that stress and lack of sleep can contribute to acne and other skin problems. As someone whose suffered from acne and insomnia i feel like i draw the short straw sometimes. The important thing to remember is you can always do things to help but it's good to double check before trying things on your skin as you can end up making temporarily problem a permanent one.

Remember that acne is bacteria, whenever you rub an area you end up spreading bacteria. That's why people tell you not to burst pimples as you're just spreading bacteria over your face..your immune system will always deal with it...a lot of people find them unsightly but in the long run it's better to leave them as they are..or try putting vitamin e from a tablet on the problem areas while you sleep. vitamin e actually strengthens skin against the sun whereas lemon weakens..

Another very important thing to remember is that how you spend your time when you're young can have quite a big impact on your future happiness..

Quit worrying so much how you look now..acne usually clears up, focus on building friendships and learning to play an instruments or another skillset that lets you connect with more people.

Avoid playing too many video games and watching films as these close you off from people if they become too frequent..

Some escapism is good but too much can have a horrible impact on your life...i've seen it way too many times.


Hi, I'm 12 and I've had acne since I was in fifth grade (I'm in 7th, now) and its bad. Not just the little pimples every girl whines about. I have 60 pimples JUST on my forehead. I have about 8 on my cheeks. I hate it so much. People always tell me I would be the prettiest girl in school of I didn't have so many zits. So, I'm praying this will work. Do I do this night and morning? Please reply. I'm on winter break and when I get back I want most, or all, of my zits to be gone by the time I get back to school. I want to be beautiful. I want guys to look at me and think, wow shes amazing. I know looks aren't everything, but I want my life back where guys thought I was 'the one'. I'm super fit and an amazing artist and funny and, I was once beautiful. Please, dear god I hope this will work(:


hey, so i have had pimples for about 1 year and half now its now really bad but i do have tiny ones here and there and sometimes hardly ever i get a bigish one and i hate it, having pimples really gets me down i dont feel comfortable talking to people face to face without hiding my face a little some how, all my friends have really clear skin and never have break outs and that puts me down even more because im the only one who has this problem and no one else really understands how uncomfortable i feel talking to people, i wear makeup to cover them which makes me feel fine i can talk to people without hiding my face but to tell the truth i am getting sick of having to either hide my face or wear makeup so what im trying to get at is does this actually work or not because i dont want to be putting lemon juice on my face at the risk of causing permanent damage if it doesnt even work?

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