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My podiatrist recommended rigid inner-soles. I wore them for almost two years in all my shoes. While I wore them, the sharp pain in my heel and forefoot was lessened, but overall, my feet would still get very sore; and when my shoes were off, it hurt to walk.

I started to wonder if my feet were getting weaker because of the innersoles -- because they weren't moving naturally when I walked. So I ditched them and went the other direction. I bought a pair of Nike Frees, which are very flexible. And, two years later, my feet are better than ever. I rarely have the stabbing pains I used to have, whether I'm wearing the Nike Frees or not. (As long as I'm not wearing high heels or shoes with zero arch support.)

I also tried some barefoot running shoes, but either it's too soon or they're simply not supportive enough, because they made my feet hurt worse.

I do think there might be something to letting your feet move as naturally as possible though, to build up strength.

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How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Rub out any muscle trigger points behind the shin bone all the way down to the Achilles tendon.

Strengthen your foot muscles by walking barefoot as much as possible.

Wear minimalist-type shoes with a wide toe box, low to zero-drop, and little support.

You may need to ease into these if you’ve been in thick-heeled supportive shoes for a long time

Do not stretch your calves, since this will only lengthen the injured muscle.

Soak feet in Epsom salt.

Avoid sugar.

Eat cherries, pineapples, tumeric and ginger.

Drink lots of water.

Freeze a water bottle and roll feet over it.

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