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I guess for me it's been almost two years. I started seeing a friend and soon loved him with everything in me. I was falling far him even though it was supposed to be casual. I wasn't seeing anybody else but him... I loved him. For me it was a horrible agony after sex one night, I couldn't sleep or pee. He seemed concerned and unaware. A week later I went to the ER for a fever, I had to leave work I was feeling so bad. I remember seeing scratches appear a little while later... Then I heard a rumor. After being confronted he admitted it but said he didn't think it could be transmitted from what the Dr's told him, after all his ex hasn't gotten it. Lucky me right. Well two years later I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I'm afraid to leave him because I was unable to stop loving him and I'm scared of having to tell this to another. I still get sad about it and I'm constantly stressed by work. My psych meds get me stable enough to combat the stress but that's it. I just try not to think about it, take happy pills, and continue to strangely love the person who did this to me because he makes me happy on most days. Thank you all for your stories. I'll have confidence to leave him soon and start my life over soon because of stories like these.

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He definitely should have told you that he had herpes but you can't blame him for your mental problems and your need to take 'happy pills'. One in 6 people in the US have herpes. It's likely that the next person you fall for has it as well. Or they will have it, if YOU engage in intercourse with them and you're not careful. Love the one you're with or leave him. Don't blame him for your mental issues via internet.


If you're having mental health issues because of this, don't worry...many of us have been there. Understand this...your guy probably knew that it was possible to pass it on to you, but he didn't tell you because of the same reason you won't immediately tell the next person you're with. He was afraid of rejection. It doesn't make him selfish and it doesn't make him a bad person. If you have a good relationship and he treats you well, then search somewhere deep within yourself and forgive him. Even if you think leaving him will help you emotionally, still try to forgive him. You will know what it's like to have to tell someone new one day and it's extremely difficult. Try to understand. It could be much worse. Also, I feel your pain. You are not alone. So many people have this, even those who are seemingly perfect.

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