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HELP! I have 4 painful boils on the inside of my leg.3 have ruptured and are draining but they are still painful. So painful that it's very difficult to walk. I've tried over the counter triple antibodic cream with no luck. I don't know why I keep getting these things, I shower everyday and I don't have a disease. PLEASE HELP!

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I have suffered from boils for years. Nothing really helped. But now I have found the solution! No creams, virtually no pain, and it seems to work every time.

I found this quite by accident. My sister has a tanning salon, and has this huge level 3 stand up job. Well, I had a nasty boil on my hip. on a whim, I exposed this to the light while I was being fried (I am not a regular tanning customer). Well wouldn't you know it in a couple of days it was gone! and it was very well established and in an area where it would be rubbed constantly from any movement I made.

Well the past summer I was working on am air conditioning system on a car. I went to Advance auto parts and bought a leak detection kit. It came with some yellow safety glasses and this UV flashlight. Looks just like a pen light, but it has a UV LED in it.

Wouldn't you know it! when I get a boil I hold this light right against my skin. It's not even enough to tan the area it exposes, but it kills the staph infection under the skin! I do two treatments. The first one doesn't seem to be working after one day. So I hold it on there for maybe five to ten minutes the second day. In a week it is healing nicely. In two weeks it is gone with no further treatments!

I am so relieved that I found this. You have no idea. I just had to share this with some of you who are plagued with this as well.

This site will not allow me to add a link. So search for:

Interdynamics UV Leak Detection kit.

You will guard this thing with your life I promise!

I have had no adverse reaction to this what-so-ever. I don't think its any worse than very bright sunlight. But do not look into this light. Because it would damage your eyes. And keep this thing out of reach of children. Good luck!
This is one thing I can say works for me 100% of the time.


One last note. You get these things because your immunity cannot fight the staphylococcus bacteria. I have the same issue and have for years. But UV light destroys the DNA of the bacteria without harming you in any way!


if you often get this you must check your blood sugar also because usually people who have high blood sugar often get this boils.


They aren't always caused because of high sugar.It can also be an Ingrown hair. I always get them in the pelvic/groin area when I shave there. I can usually stop it dead in it's tracks if I catch it early on and tweeze the trapped hair follicle. it helps to really exfoliate the area before you shave it to avoid getting a boil. I shaved in a rush this week and now have 2 painful boils myself.....

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