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Ladies Liquid Chlorophyll is the truth. Purchased it online for under $10. I took 2 teaspoons and within 1 day poof the odor was gone. I also started to take baths w/ Hydrogen peroxide (1 cup) no more than a few times a week. Mild soap, I use Ivory. People will say perioxide & chlorophyll aren't proven to rid you of BV, but I am telling you it does. I'm so happen. I'm recently married and was trying some odor block to stay fresh and my body went crazy w/ constant yeast infections and BV. I'm used to BV (been getting it since 15) but yeast was out of the ordinary. This is an economical & viable solution. No more doctor visits. Oh and do not douch ladies we all know better. Please ignore anyone who tells you different.

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I have dealt with this problem for 15 years and doctors said there was nothing they could do, they said this is just how I smell now after having my son. Tried this on a lark (bought mine at Whole Foods for 8.99 for a small bottle) 15 drops in a cup of water and for the first time in 15 years I'm not embarrassed by this problem!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

Hopefully Hopeful

My problem is I've become nose blind to myself. The only way I know the smell is there is how other people react to me. Today I bought the Chlorofresh Liquid Chlorophyll from GNC. The taste isn't bad at all. We'll see. I've had this issue for so long, I'd all but given up on a solution.

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