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Ladies Liquid Chlorophyll is the truth. Purchased it online for under $10. I took 2 teaspoons and within 1 day poof the odor was gone. I also started to take baths w/ Hydrogen peroxide (1 cup) no more than a few times a week. Mild soap, I use Ivory. People will say perioxide & chlorophyll aren't proven to rid you of BV, but I am telling you it does. I'm so happen. I'm recently married and was trying some odor block to stay fresh and my body went crazy w/ constant yeast infections and BV. I'm used to BV (been getting it since 15) but yeast was out of the ordinary. This is an economical & viable solution. No more doctor visits. Oh and do not douch ladies we all know better. Please ignore anyone who tells you different.

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I bought mine from the town market everything in there is organic.


For how long?



I believe that Chlorophyll has TONS of other benefits too. If it does not cause any negative effects, I say keep drinking your chlorophyll juice to cleanse your body.


been using it for 2 weeks...i still stink down there


Hello, I have been reading about this for bv as well. Could I mix this with organic pineapple juice?

Help me help U

@ Disappointed.. If u still smell down there then drink a glass mixture of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with the mother,lemon juice and honey everyday. Soak in tub for 20 minutes with water and a cup of apple cider vinegar in it twice weekly till smell leaves. After bath...shower with Unscented Dove bar and make sure the vagina is DRY! Don't ever use scented soap for the vagina. After using toilet use tissue then a wash towel or wipes every bathroom visit. Hope this helps my sista..


@dissapointed try using Johnson and Johnson baby soap that is the only thing I can use down there. If I clean with anything else it smells like dead rat :( dial and dove for me is the worse. I even tried natural soaps as well as menty types the only thing that worked has been the Johnson and Johnson. But I have started taking the pills as well.


How long can u c a difference in vaginal odor


Walmart has it as well


Thank all of you ladies.... I will be trying this method I too suffer from BV...fingers crossed hopes this works!!

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