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Ladies Liquid Chlorophyll is the truth. Purchased it online for under $10. I took 2 teaspoons and within 1 day poof the odor was gone. I also started to take baths w/ Hydrogen peroxide (1 cup) no more than a few times a week. Mild soap, I use Ivory. People will say perioxide & chlorophyll aren't proven to rid you of BV, but I am telling you it does. I'm so happen. I'm recently married and was trying some odor block to stay fresh and my body went crazy w/ constant yeast infections and BV. I'm used to BV (been getting it since 15) but yeast was out of the ordinary. This is an economical & viable solution. No more doctor visits. Oh and do not douch ladies we all know better. Please ignore anyone who tells you different.

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I went out and bought the chlorofresh just for a body deodorizer this stuff makes you smell stronger the first few days while you detox but then youre odor free after that also its great at reducing underarm odor i havent used deodorant for a few days now even in the hot sun im odor free some people want to take it to another level and also take acidophilus probiotics with the chlorophyll a great combo.


It works for me. Thank you!


Excited this actually do work within a hour poof odor was gone thank you


is it till odor goes away or u keep takin it forever? where precisely can i get the product without havin travellin or odering on net?


Is the hydrogen peroxide mix with water is safe? Just once a week?


Yes it's safe during breast feeding


How many mg is the liquid chlorophyll in one dose?


I just bought mine yesterday from the Vitamin Shoppe. I took 2 tsp this morning and hope that it works on me. I've been suffering from BV for a long time and did not know what to do about it. Thank you so much for your post it really helps me.


wher i can buy here in the phillpines,???, pls help me,, i want also to use that,


How many days do you have to take it for

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