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FYI I just left work because I caught lice from one of my kids, I came onto this site to find remedies. I bought some Nix but decided I wanted to try a home remedy first. I had baby oil on hand so I flipped my head over the sink and began pouring the oil on my head starting from the back. When I reached the top of my head I noticed something fell out if my hair and into the sink. It was a huge lice lying on it's back. I continued to finish and wrapped my head in a bag. I decided to put the bugger on a paper towel in a plastic zip lock bag to show my boyfriend because he probably wouldn't believe how big the thing was unless I showed him. After I finished wrapping my head in the bag I decided to read more on this site, it has been two hours since I've put that lice in the bag. I went to use the restroom and while I was washing my hands I looked down at the bag and I swear I saw it moving. I took a closer look and realized it was still alive!!! So baby oil will definitely immobilize them for a bit so be aware!! I will be washing my hair in Dawn dishwashing soap and following it with coconut Suave conditioner and comb religiously. I will also whip out my CHI flat iron in hopes of burning the nits And just grease my hair for days. I will post results!!

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So I washed my hair with the Dawn soap- twice to remove as much baby oil as I could- then followed with the Suave coconut conditioner. Towel dried my hair, added some Moroccan Oil to my scalp and blow dried the crud out of my hair. I made sure my scalp was burning before I moved to another side then back. I then had my boyfriend help me search through for nits and he found four, he cut the strands by the root- because he has huge sausage fingers that are useless in times like these- so that I could squish them. I knew they were nits because they didn't come off the strand easily, and they had a odd shape to them. Well anyways I went to squish them with my fingers and they were dry and flat. I'm not sure if they hatched or whatnot, but earlier this morning I clearly heard the popping of two nits that came off my head. I'm hoping I dried them out with the soap, burning hot water, and blowdrying.

So it's 11pm same day I discovered the infestation on my head. I last washed my hair six hours ago....I felt like I needed another one. This time I decided to use the Lice shampoo I picked up at CVS. Awful smelling stuff. This stuff I just let sit in my hair for ten minutes then rinsed with plain shampoo. I took it a step further and used Dawn again. Then followed with piping hot water and the Suave conditioner again. Hot blow dry and my scalp feels a bit better. Will check in tomorrow.


also try adding tea tree oil to your shampoo

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