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I have always had frequent yeast infections. at least once every two months. I was in the midst of one when I came across this website. I didn't wanna spend another 18 bucks on a monistat. I used a cup and a half of hydrogen peroxide, 3 cups of hot water, and a half.cup of salt and wiped down below with a clean towel. I then took a little salt on my wet fingers and inserted a little salt inside as well. now I'm not gonna lie, this burned like hell at first, but that quickly subsided. I then took another clean towel, soaked it in the hydrogen peroxide and held it for about 3 times. repeat 3x with the hydrogen peroxide and instant relief. can't believe it worked but I'm glad it did.

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So do I put the salt on my fingers then inside my vagina after I do the peroxide and stuff?


So how often do I do this?
I just tried this, just wondering how often till its gone?


Tried it loved it worked for me thanx:)))))


Thanks so much I was going crazy with an itch. . I did this. I added some honey. Lol idk why but it burned like hell with the apple cyder vin oooowwweee pain u won't forget. But my symptoms r gone


I used just the salt burned like crazy for a litttle bit but the itch is gone i get yeast inf... throughout this entire pregnancy not really able to enjoy it ....


Thanks for the comment. Gonna try peroxide later. Also you don't put yeast in biscuits.

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