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DO NOT PANIC, there is always a way, take deep breaths, set yourself some tea, get a notebook, relax and do your research with the right mindset. Read not only this post, but at least 20-30 others. So you get an idea what works and what doesn't.

I am a male, 23 years old. I have had some of the warts for nearly 2 years, they were fairly large and had a cauliflower like appearance. I have gotten rid of genital warts on and around the shaft of my penis doing this:

Firstly you want to make yourself comfortable, because the pain is different with each person, it can range from mild to excruciating. Lay down an old towel that you can get rid of after the treatments.

I mixed one part of Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) with one part of Alcohol (70%) I soaked a long strip of cotton with it and wrapped it around my penis shaft and covered it with a long strip of toilet paper so it wouldn't all drip off. Keep it on there for 30-60 minutes a day with one day breaks. The smaller warts will probably disappear or dry up and fall off on it's own the next day, the larger ones might take some longer. Always do it with one day breaks, you don't want to damage your penis, seriously. This will also prevent scarring, I personally applied avocado with yoghurt after the treatments because I couldn't get a hold of Vitamin E cremes/oils. It worked well, I have no visible scars and I feel great, almost reborn.

- use baby powder on the region after showers to dry it. warts need moisture to grow
- even if you don't shower daily, wash your genital on a daily basis
- eat garlic/vinegar/onions daily
- cardio is king, sprint to get your heartrate up and your hormones jumping.
- drink water, seriously, just do it, this is the most simple one and it will change your live INSANELY! stay away from the sugary stuff!

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So I have the cauliflower and it makes my skin rough. Will your technique make it smooth again?

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