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Hey guys. O.K. so I seem to randomly experience hives which those of you who get them too I know you totally understand what I mean. So I had another episode of hives or chronic uticaria and so I panicked and immediately took a cool shower. Turns out didn't quite work so well. So I called my friend who is the head of the pharmacy she works at and she is also currently studying to be a dermatologist and she said: To take Zyrtec allery 10mg Antihistamine then to fill the tub with water as cool as could the body could stand it and put half a can of salt, mix it into the water and sit and soak in for a half hour or so. Then after soaking put very light clothes on just bottoms and a cami nothing tight that will reactivate the itching...Avoid a tight bra or tight undies. Get a ziplock lunch bag fill it with ice and ice down all the body parts that are itching. Try to stay as calm as possible don't stress it makes the hives resurface and honestly guys it worked like magic. Within an hour the swelling began to subside and the itching totally gone. I threw on some soothing jaz music and fell asleep... The itching definitely went away and the swelling completely gone after 7 hrs...Not bad could of been worst and I saved myself another trip to the ER for a shot...Better to pay $30 for the Zyrtec than $300 for half ass medical attention...Also guys another thing to remember that for the next 3 to 4 days since you don't know what caused or triggered the hives eat bland foods...water, chicken noodles, gingerale saltine crackers in order to avoid reactivating the hives...Also, don't put any body sprays lotion don't use soap when washing your hands just wash really well with cold water...Besides food any chemical can also set off the hives again so best to avoid these items for a couple days...Ladies no make-up your face may swell up again 3 or 4 days without make-up won't kill you. you get the picture. Well I hope this was helpful...It's miserable and it sucks to have to deal with this...I never post but I figured that if I can help someone quickly get a handle on their hives and get relief quickly and effectively it was worth a shot. Hope this works for you if you happen to read this post. Best of Luck!!!

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I am going to have to try this tomorrow night. I've had clear skin my whole life and recently I had 3 episodes during 2012 all around finals time with school or a stressful period. Weird bec. I have had stress before and never broke out in a hive all across and down my neck.. (And all three episodes the hive was same place / size) Not sure but Thinking about seeing a dermatologist. Who knows but thanks for posting this I really hope it works..

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