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V. cap

First, let me say THANK YOU!!!! I just found out today that my 2 daughters, 2 & 10 had lice. Eeeeww Eeeeww!!!!!! I used Nix on both of them but ran out for myself, and I am Not leaving my house like this!!! So I tried one of the remedies, but with my own little twist.

Here's the list :
Baby oil gel
Head and shoulders dry scalp shampoo
Tea tree conditioner
Lice prevention shampoo with citronella oil and lemongrass oil
Mix it all in a baggie and cut an end like for a pastry bag. I soaked my hair (which is waist length and curly) . Covered it with a shower cap for an hour. Took it off, brushed it out and rinsed with HOT water. Washed it with Palmolive xoxy dish soap. Rinse again.

I then went through it with a nit comb for long hair. Darn things were falling out dead, and the nits just slid off the hair shaft!!! Plus my dry scalp now feels great! I'm doing the girls tomorrow as a prevention. Also did the whole house. But this really works!! Thanks again for the wonderful tips!!!

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