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Chai green tea bags work wonders. I have been suffering off and on for the last few months and at first swiging rubbing alcahol in my mouth worked. make sure you dont swallow but dont rinse either. howerver today it was acting up so bad the pain was traveling up the side of my face affecting my ears which made me dizzy and nausiated. found this site and saw black tea and i figured maybe green tea would work too. sure enough minniuets after putting the warm damp bag in my mouth against the offending teeth and gums and the sweelling started going down and the pain started recceding. probaly has to do with both the green tea and the cinnaimon in the chai. both are powerful antioxidents and seem to have anti-flamatory properties. and for the headach i just smoked a little bit of medicainal green.

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Rob Schick

I tried the Green Tea...extra strength...added cinnamin..also rubbed the gum area with Garlic..and took some garlic pills..and drank some liquifed fresh union..this combo worked great...the gum swelling subsided so I should be OK until I can get to the dentist..!

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