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I get an infection on my back lower molars every year. This is how I get rid of the infection:

1. Clove Oil: this is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. It also has eugonol, which will numb your mouth. I use this for the pain and to heal the infection. It is a toxin so do not ingest. Put the oil on a qtip and rub on infected tooth and gums. Once the tooth numbs up rinse with water to remove the excise oils.

2. Garlic oil pills and Echinacea: Both of these are antibiotics. Take one garlic pill and two Echinacea pills every 3 hours. This will not immediately remove the pain, it is just to fight the infection.

Sea salt water rinse: Sea salt has natural minerals which your teeth needs. It will also clean your mouth. Use after brushing your teeth and when in pain.

Black tea: Tea is a natural antioxidant, but more important it will pull the infection to the surface of the gums and away from the tooth. Place between the infected gums/tooth and cheek for as long as possible.

Water: Keeping hydrated is important to help your body bring nutrients and the antibiotics to the infection. Also the way the tea bags and salt water works is by osmosis so, it is important to keep your body and gums constantly hydrated. If not your gums will recede exposing more of the root canal and there will not be enough moisture in the gums to pull the infection out.

Diet: Changing your diet is important in rebalancing the ph in your mouth. If your ph is to low your mouth becomes acidic. And minerals(teeth) dissolves in acid. Stay away from sugars and acidic foods and drinks.

This method removes the pain almost immediately and the infection in a week. I will be experimenting with remineralization so I don't get reoccurring infections and to strengthen the infected tooth.

Note: I am not a doctor. This advice is based on my own experiances.

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Chris, i have an Echihacea and Golden seal blend can i use this with the garlic oil? And would i take it in the same amount?


Chris I am a Distributor for Natural Pet Products and I have a Mineral Supplement made from human grade foods. Not only will I start taking some of it but If you want to buy some let me know

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