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I have had a fungus on one of my big toenails since April, 2012. I tried bleach (too harsh)and Vick's VapoRub with no results. I finally tried Dr. Paul's Piggy and it is working. I realize it is not a home remedy, but it has a combination of several of the suggested substances, including vinegar, thymol (found in Vick's VapoRub) and DMSO. I put it on my toenail in the morning and leave it on under a bandage all day. At night I let it air out. Once a week I soak my toe, cut it down and clean under the toenail with an orange stick. I have been doing this since the first of October, and my toe is at least a third clear. I will keep this up until the yellow is gone, and then NEVER go back to the nail salon where I think I caught it!

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where do you get potassium hydroxide? did you just use a cuticle remover with it in it? drain cleaner or can you by it separately? my toe hurts so badly that it wakes me up if I roll over on it. I am ready to tear the nail off!

Mastana Baba

nail salons are only money making machines, by hook and crook there agenda is to make money money and money, but on the other hand people keep senses, they should no what is right and what is wrong. I think people has so much money and they love to spend on these cheaters (nail salon). Believe me doctor also has no knowledge and expertise on this, they will put you in more terrible situation by giving you oral pills which may effect on your liver (but u must see doctor in case of any medical problem). I think eat good, live good and clean all the time. An apple a day keep doctor away. Fish is also good that's why we say ' come on lady... come on lady .... one pound fish'. do not pet tension, relax, walk and light exercise everyday at least for 30 mins. take fresh breath, keep yourself away from the polluted areas, do SAFE sex, ..... follow all the above instructions and u will see the difference in your life.
Good luck


Robie,I appreciate your cmtnemos .I assume you are asking me where I stand on the upcoming Referendum for the full-time Sheriff's Deputy?I was initially for the idea when Selectmen presented it as a 3 yr contract costing $18,000 per year, $54,000 in total. I was a bit taken back to learn the contract was really a 4yr deal and the last year is open ended , the estimate is $75,000 for the fourth year. So in reality the cost is about $129,000 for the 4 years. This is still a deal for a full-time Sheriff's Deputy to be in town.I guess my concerns are the way it was presented or misrepresented by the Selectmen and the worry if the fourth year was missed, what else might be missed in the details of the deal?I get no sense that any other options have been really evaluated and I hear horror stories of the days of old when we had our own officer.The Sheriff himself stated at his presentation to the Budget Committee he didn't feel the Deputy should focus on traffic enforcement or car registrations, he felt the Deputy's focus should be on people issues. I believe we Do need more coverage and police protection in town. We also have an obligation to the County to start putting something in place for ourselves, a plan like this could be a good start.In the end I personally believe we should wait. We should look at this and any other options available, such as State Troopers, or even our own Officer a bit more. This type of deal has been around for a while and other Towns have subscribed and unsubscribed, If a Sheriff's Deputy is our best path, we can commit to it next year. I have concerns we still haven't balanced the Checkbook to spend not being sure what we are getting or if we are getting the deal that best fits our needs would be irresponsible in my opinion.

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