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Fortunately for me, I caught this early and only had to suffer the pain and embarassment for 2 weeks before I was completely rid of angular cheilitis. I had huge, deep cracks in both corners of my lips that hurt like crazy. I researched all kind of home remedies and through trial and error, this is what immediately started working for me. You need dish soap (such as palmolive or dawn), paper towels, and plain vaseline. Just gently scrub dish soap with water into cuts for a few minutes. Wash it out thoroughly. Dry with paper towels (make it really dry). Once dry, cover all affected areas with plenty of vaseline.

You should notice that this will start to improve the condition right away. But it's not an instant cure. You need to repeat it over and over again until it's all the way gone. I washed out my cuts every hour or so, and after every time I ate. I am now 100% free of angular cheilitis and I never want to go through that again. THIS REALLY WORKS! I wish I could post before and after pictures. I'm excited to add to this page so that anyone else who is suffering from this can get rid of it too. Good luck!


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Didn't washing out the cuts with dish soap hurt like hell?

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