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I have had a deep plantar wart on the ball of my foot for about 3 years, and just kept thinning it and using compound w to keep it at bay, however, I had had enough, so I tried freeze away, more compound w, cutting it out etc., so I turned to google to help me out! After some reading time, I went with what I had at home and got to work! I soaked it with salt water for 10 mins., used a nail file to get off excess bits, then I put a sterile gauze soaked in white vinegar over it and took a giant adhesive bandaid to secure it, let that soak in for an hour, removed the gauze/bandaid and then coated it with clear nail polish to seal it off. I did this morning and dinner time, and then just before bed I would soak a third time, dry it, and put a compound w plantar wart foot pad on it and put another Elastoplast knee/elbow bandage on top so it was held firmly in place overnight (they tend to move around and fall off if you don't). Repeat for another joke in 2 days it dried up, I pulled at the wart which was its own little circle now, and it tore out! I have a giant crater now, so I dumped a little vinegar in the hole (not for the low pain tolerance people might I warn) it burned like heck, but I want to make sure it doesn't make a re-appearance like some people have mentioned!!! Best result I've had in 3 years, and it was quick!!!

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OMG!! 6 months of Forces of Nature Wart Control Extreme Strength 2x a day, NO IMPROVEMENT. Their old formula Warts No More was very effective, although it smelled awful....two months 6 years ago..PAINLESS plantar wart removal, after having a podiatrist treat me for years..ok moving forward, one developed on the left side of my left foot (never had one in that area)..stubborn sucker...I tried the ACV that I read about starting last is Wednesday, glad to report (after some excruciatingly painful days and nights) it just came out, exactly like the everyone described. A crater is now left behind (kind of the same size as when I had them cut out years ago)..put more ACV in the hole and neosporin and a couple of bandaids, No more duct tape, now the wound has to heal. Thank you for all your postings! This is an awesome site. Wish I knew about it 6 months ago.

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