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This worked really well for me, but it may take a couple days for you to see results.

Take a banana peel (yes a banana peel) cut a small piece of it and rub the white inside part on your teeth. Leave it on for no more than 15 minutes. The minerals inside the peel such as potassium and bromine will naturally whiten your teeth without chemical damage (not proven).

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Omg it feels so strange, I really hope it works!!!


This method works


Once each day

Andru Jack

Amazing post, really looking Very nice ,Thank You.....

Whiter Teeth at Home

nice work . I like it ,,,


It does work! Did it for first time tday n can already see a difference! :-) thankyou x


ok i will try this i hope i will get the results well very soon...thanks...


Make sure you brush your teeth right after! It might cause cavities.

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