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This worked really well for me, but it may take a couple days for you to see results.

Take a banana peel (yes a banana peel) cut a small piece of it and rub the white inside part on your teeth. Leave it on for no more than 15 minutes. The minerals inside the peel such as potassium and bromine will naturally whiten your teeth without chemical damage (not proven).

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guyz you have to peal a ripe banana.. use the inside of the peel..the inside of the peel is make cut the peel in small pieces so that you can rub the peel easily.. it takes 2 weeks to see the results.. but it is effective


Wait so how many times a day or week are u supposed to do this?


When you take off the peel, you take the side with the white stuff on it, not the yellow outside. You rub it on your teeth until it leaves a thin layer of the gunk. At first it tastes bad and feels really weird, but once you get used to doing it, it's not too bad. And it actually does work! I do it everyday and receive fantastic results! I hope this cleared it up for everyone.


Does it work with any Banana?

Sir Anthony

So, this does work?
I'll try it if everyone else sees results after a week or so.

Cheap and easy as well.




Im gonna try :)
Hope it works!

david pesina

It works well with me!i do this often, and well u rub the banana peel on your teeth and leave it on for 15mints then rinse your teeth and you will see results with in a week or two trust me i didnt believe it till i started doing this! works better if u dont drink too much coke or black coffee!


Gotta try this. My teeth are way too yellow! Ugh thanks and I hope I see results

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