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This worked really well for me, but it may take a couple days for you to see results.

Take a banana peel (yes a banana peel) cut a small piece of it and rub the white inside part on your teeth. Leave it on for no more than 15 minutes. The minerals inside the peel such as potassium and bromine will naturally whiten your teeth without chemical damage (not proven).

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It actually does work!


it works :)


Didn't work for me… maybe I just did it wrong. All it did was leave me with banana stuck in my teeth.


Wait leave the peal on for no more than 15 minutes or the icky bananay stuff?


What if I can't have bananas


green or ripe banana????????


Do you leave the banana peel on your teeth for 15 minutes, or do you rub it on your teeth for 15 minutes? And how long does it honestly take to see good results?


Do you have to brush your teeth afterwards or rinse the banana out of your mouth?
and do you rub the peel for 15 minutes or do you leave the banana on your teeth for 15 minutes?


So after the 15 do u wash it or brush it off????


Do you put the yellow part on your teeth or the white part??

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