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Someone please give me an idea on at least where to start. Ive had 'p' for the past year. Its on the nape of my neck and working itts way down my back. I need a natural home remedy. Ivetried lots of aloe lotion. It used to seem like it was clearing it up, but now, nothing. Could really use some advise here. Its embarrassing and Im not sure what to do. Thank you.

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R- you may want to see if it is eczema (related to 'p') different disease but but same causes. 'p' and eczema diet are the same. eczema and psoriasis are related by they both involve toxemia, thinning of intestinal wall, excess body acidity, diet and internal cleansing are the most important to alleviate outbreaks. diet should be alkaline. eczema just manifests itself differently. If it were 'p' it should get much worse in the winter for a lot of reasons but mainly because of less sunlight which produces less vitamin d3. sunlight is very beneficial to 'p' with eczema sun tends to aggravate it. i take carlsons cod liver oil with vitamin d3 since i spend a lot of time indoors. eczema is literally the itch that rashes. its easy for me to say but don't scratch. next time your skin itches try a salt compress to make the itch go away. no table salt, it should be sea salt or himalayan salt. hope this helps. good luck :)

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