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Someone please give me an idea on at least where to start. Ive had 'p' for the past year. Its on the nape of my neck and working itts way down my back. I need a natural home remedy. Ivetried lots of aloe lotion. It used to seem like it was clearing it up, but now, nothing. Could really use some advise here. Its embarrassing and Im not sure what to do. Thank you.

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i know how you feel. i've had 'p' for 25+ years. steriod, immune suppressors, and every form of skin cream known to man. at best its only a temporary fix, long term they do major long term damage like steriods and immune suppressors. i've controlled 'p' stictly through diet. its on this blog about 8 posts down. starts with i've had 'p' for 25 have to reduce inflammation, toxins (external and internal), and repair your intestinal tract. your intestinal tract is where about 80% of your immune is associated with. look up 'leaky gut syndrome' this is why we can't eat everything that everyone else can eat. i currently went off the diet for thanksgiving within 7 days my skin stated getting flare ups everywhere. even though i eat 99% organic, it still depends on what you eat. this diet lets the body repair itself. so when i decide to go back on the diet it will takes me about 1 1/2 months. since your skin goes through a 28 day cycle thats the best case senario assuming everything is perfect. small changes in your diet can make a huge difference. you can do this naturally i've done many many times. just let me know what i can do to help. best wishes :)


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I have the same problem for years now, its stressful and embarssing. And stressing makes it worse. If you smoke stop this is a big trigger. One thing that has helped me the most and I can see a huge difference on my whole body is Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing wipes pink grapefruit acne-prone skin. this can be bought at walmart and many other stores. Ive tried hundreds of treatments and this has made the scales stop flaking and even dissaper. Wipe the area after showering at nite and in the morning. I hope this helps you like it is for me. Good luck- you are not alone!!!!!


I might be able to help! I can't list HTML to send you to site, so email me and I can forward you info on a supplement that I know got rid of a man's psoriasis. :). Maybe it will help you too.


I just had my very first flare up on my body. I used a gentle body cleanser by Cetaphil. (Found in the face wash aisle) I also used a thick moisturizer which comes in a tub by the same brand. Applied it all over my body within 3 minutes after my shower. I would also apply it at night. I also used hydrocortisone ointment directly on the scaly parts. It was gone within a week! I now use both Cetaphil products with my shower and I have not had any flare ups since. I also learned I have not been suffering from bad dandruff these past few years. It has been psoriasis on my scalp. I had found nothing to help it. Any suggestions would be great!


Since I have added vitamin D in tablet form to my diet, I have seen a great improvement. My psoriasis was always better in the summer when my skin was exposed to the sun, a natural source of vitamin D. Started taking vitamin D several years ago, and finally a wonderful improvement. Please try it!


Hi, I thought i share a simple tip which i have tried and noticed a difference. My therapy is taking a spoonful of black cumin seeds and crushing them. Take these crushed cumin mixed with honey or yoghurt twice daily. Also apply black cumin seed oil/black seed oil on the lesions as long as you can. Try it, sure to make a difference...


I am interested in the diet part for P, your comment ' i've controlled 'p' stictly through diet. its on this blog about 8 posts down' I would find very interesting, but I cannot find it anywhere here. Could someone please assist with 'diet'


hello R. the diet was posted on 7-13- 12. 2 corrections xylitol seem okay in reasonable quantities and agave should be avoided at all cost. i try to back up all my info so you can check it out for yourself so you know i'm not making this stuff up. just let me know what i can do to help. best wishes everyone.


Thanks for the reply X, not sure of a posting name, so X it is for now.
I have done a lot of reading in the last few days, and thankyou for your contributions.
In all my reading, I have not come across a particular trigger that can set me 'off'. My Mother had P, and I have had some appear at different times around my ankles when I was stressed from work. About 15 years ago, I was under a pig tin hut cleaning out for worm beds. It was summer, middle of the day, and hot. All of a sudden, my chest area seemed to overheat, and I had to get out from under there quick, and take my shirt off so my skin could breath. After that, I found sometimes in summer when outside exerting myself, I would have to remove my shirt. About 6 years ago (quit work because of stress) I had a summer where my body was overheating, and all I basically wore during the day was a pair of shorts...overheating bad. For all of the above overheating experiences, my skin would feel prickly itchy and take some time tio cool down. The 6 year ago period could be triggered by a hot drink in summer. Winters are kinder. My chest back and upper arms are now coming out in bigger rashes than used to occur. Heavy blotches have just come up on my inside arms, and and going to the insides of my elbows.
I have an appointment with the doctors trying to get analysed, but some have the opinion that it is P, and I am inclined to agree with them. For decades, I have had dry skin, especially the back.
I have asked many doctors, but no one has really bothered to try and find out what it was. Initial hormone direction from Dr. I have always been the type to use the Drs diagnosis, but resolve my own health issues as the med system is so lacking. Diet I believe is a key component. I have always looked after my diet, but a new partner has led to some introduction that will have to be changed back.
I am looking forward to some feedback as to any other person whose P is irritated by heat and exertion. I need to pick a good breeze evenings or cooler days for any heavy chores. Even mowing lawns in winter needs my shirt off.

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