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1/3 water
1/3 SeaBreeze Astringent
1/3 Olive Oil

Shake together, dab on, and rub in. Instant relief. Take several days for hair to begin regrow. Treat 2-3 times daily.

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Hi, my dog had the mange, tried the listerine, baby oil, and water. Didn't work! Used it for 3 days, the dog was still miserable and my house stunk. So I tried medicated dandruff shampoo. ' no name brand..cheepest you can find ' IT WORKED! We all slept better that night. And he slept all day the next day. ( poor thing ) so for a week, every other day he got a bath with the ' medicated dandruff shampoo ' lathered well, srubbed roughly, and let sit on him for 5 minutes. No more problems, he gets a bath now once a week with the ( medicated dandruff shampoo ) never want to go through that again!


Ok that worked, but you're dog didn't have canine scabies (mange)

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