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I've Gh for bout three years thanks to cheating boyfriend. I have very bad breakout often as my immune system isnt great. First of all I do take valtrex, 1 g 3x day when havin an OB and 500mg 1x day for suppression. doesnt always work, but can help. when having an outbreak I use 100% witchazel, hydrogen peroxide, and couple drop tea tree and lavander oil. I soak a papertowel and place tween vaginal folds directly on sores and let it set for 15-30 min. u can add aloe or use witch hazel that has aloe too. it stings a bit depending on severity of breakout, but after bout 5 secs becomes a good sting. I do this bout three times a day, if u put a panty liner/
pad in underwear it keeps them dry. If all
u have is only the witch hazel use it
cause even only that makes a HUGE
difference. I also use a yeast infection one day cream once cause when havin a ob everything seems screwy down there.
if having alot of itching I will use vagisil
cream after the soaks, if not I use a zinc
oxide based diaper cream as it sooths,
keeps the soars dried out and helps me
not think im dyin everytime I pee. I take a muti vit, but also found that taking an immunity booster efferevsant with c, zinc and b vits 2-3 x a day like emergancy (i thnk it work best) or airborn helps alot, will also take azo for urinary pain and it helps not havin to pee every two min and some pain, will also drink/take cranberry juice/pills to change ph down there. I also immediatly eat citrus fruit, avacados ( reaally helps) and bannanas and some berries, drink water, eat yogurt and cottage cheese and drink small amounts of buttermilk. I use this at first funny feelimg of break out, and when ever
feeling stressed/rundown. I also take
hylands nerve tonic and calms forte to
help my body not feel so stressed, and
homeopathic belladonna 30x to help
with the pain. Once u have everything its
quite cheap to maintain also. I will use everything full out for four days if actually have sores and for 2days if feel it coming on, and otherwise I just use what my body feels it needs otherwise to prevent. hope this helps :)

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I'm a 27 yr old male , living with GH as a male is a very difficult situation especially when your a person who loves to be with someone.
I feel even if there was a way to eaze the symptoms and pain caused by GH.
Seing all of these comments about people who live with similar complications, makes me feel there's still hope to be with someone especially if your partner also has GH.
The reason I have left comments is simply because it is good to share views and opinions on situations that have changed our sexual relations.
If there is any more sites where you could socialise via chat sites please feel free to organise a way to talk and share views ...


I am goin on day 3 of my first ob. I have found these posts very useful an I am grateful to hear stories of others infected wit this horrible virus.

A couple long does it usually last? I have an autoimmune disorder already and my system is very weak. I have been eatin lots of vitamins since the onset.

Tree tea oil has been soothing. Baking soda burned the worst pain ever.immediately washed that off. Takin lysine and my dr can't gt me in for another two weeks. Quite worried!!!

Any suggestion??? Average time period????



Thanks fo r this . It is very helpful! Have you heard of Monolaurin for treatment & prevention? With my first outbreak, my Dr put me on Valtrex and it eventually cleared up. Then my DR. who prescribes natural remedies put me on Monolaurin (no prescription necessary - available at your health food store or online). He had me take 4 pills, 3 times per day and then gradually reduce it down to 1 or 2 tablets twice a day. I was told it kills the virus that lives dormant in the nerves along the spinal cord between flair ups. I didn't have a recurrence for 5 years as long as I took the MOnolaurin. Then an acupuncturist tested me for all of my supplements and said that I did not test well for Monolaurin, so I quit taking it. Now, 9 months later, I have a flair up. I will take Valtrex to get it under control. I am already back on the Monolaurin and you better believe I will continue to take it for maintenance.


Hello, this is my first time blogging and my first time announcing my Gh. I'm a 33 year male that was diagnose with Gh one year ago. I didn't cheat but I felt deceived by my X. After doing some extensive research, This website gave me the courage to come forward and somewhat a bit of self-relief knowing I'm not going through this horrible dz alone. Thanks for all the tips and advices. Keep it coming. You guys rock!


I tried the witch hazel, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree and lavender oil and it's very soothing. Thank you for sharing - I had all ingredients too. I'm hoping to avoid full eruption using this several times a day.


Thanks this really helped me a lot...

Miss Des

I've been into health and natural practices for many years, but never connected acidity with my herpes outbreaks until today! I've been on vacation the last week, and I've really stressed myself out!

Loved your suggestions, and I'm reminded of products I love: Calm's Forte & Hyland's, but never connected the dots. The peroxide & witch hazel mixture is great! Thank you so much for your suggestions!

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