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Hot sauce. The hotter the better, think habanero. Stings like crazy when you first put it on but goes numb after a few seconds. Usually one time gets rid of a canker sore.

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WOW!!! honestly when I read this I didn't believe it, but I tried it anyway Burns like hell but literally Burns the infection clean off the sores... I'm a believer my only suggestion to those who try this is to try it with Franks hot sauce. Thank you so much for sharing this cure! Brownie points big time! :)


I'm a 6'2 280 lbs guy and this struck me as very suspicious. I tried it out and it sucked for about 10sec but shortly after all the pain was gone.I put some more on a let it sit for about a minute and it was about 95% less sensitive. It works!


This remedy is AMAZING! I've had a canker for a few days and it just felt like it was getting worse so I looked for help. When I read this, I thought it was crazy and wouldn't work but I tried it anyway. Yes it hurt REALLY bad but after a few seconds the pain subsided and it felt and looked magically better! I'm SOOO happy with the results and remember this for future reference. Thanks so much!!


Maybe because the sauces contain cayenne? It contains capsaicin, a constituent that temporarily desensitizes the nerves that cause pain. I am going to try it tonight! Thank you!


I've tried EVERYTHING for mine. Never imagined hot sauce. I have Valentina at home. I will try this tonight and see how it works. I've already switched to the all natural, SLS and gluten-free toothpaste. Let's see how this works in conjunction.

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