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Ok here goes an easy and effective remedy for blackheads:

Take steam for at least good 1-2 minutes (this helps in opening of the pores), take a spoon full of sugar and milk, again 1 spoon and start scrubbing the effected area. Put in as much pressure as required. Personally I put in a little more pressure in nose area since that's my problem area when it comes to blackheads.

Continue doing it at least twice a week, you will see the visible results in a week or two and also it is very important to wash face once one gets back home from outside as the dust and the pollution accumulation in the pores is what causes blackheads.

Hopefully it was of some help :)


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When You Use Steam It Does Help Open Your Pores... But That's Why You Scrub Your Face Afterwards- To Remove All The Dust And Particles In Those Pores.
Worked Great!


cold water closes pores


Directions too confusing. Got dick stuck in ceiling fan.

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