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Ok here goes an easy and effective remedy for blackheads:

Take steam for at least good 1-2 minutes (this helps in opening of the pores), take a spoon full of sugar and milk, again 1 spoon and start scrubbing the effected area. Put in as much pressure as required. Personally I put in a little more pressure in nose area since that's my problem area when it comes to blackheads.

Continue doing it at least twice a week, you will see the visible results in a week or two and also it is very important to wash face once one gets back home from outside as the dust and the pollution accumulation in the pores is what causes blackheads.

Hopefully it was of some help :)


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wat if v use readymade scrub n do d sem u instructed??


Well you could, but I for one prefer using natural remedy... and the results were better with sugar and milk...


Sugar and milk or ready made scrub, do not forget to take steam before scrubbing. It helps pores open up.

Good luck ! :)


milk powder? or milk like ready to drink?


Ready to drink milk ! one cannot scrub face with just dry items, u need hydrating agent as well..


So ican just mix milk and sugar and rub my face?


How would i use steam? can i just use hot water?


To use steam, boil some water, pour it into a large bowl (a tiny bit bigger than the size of your face) and put a towel over your head and the bowl.
Don't put your actual face into the water, just hover over it. The face steamers you actually buy provide forehead and chin support, but this is cheap and simple, if you need support just put sponges or towels around the rim of the bowl.


Do I use my normal face wash before or after this?

Iqra Nayab

hey thats a good idea but my elder sister told me that taking heat causes to open our skin pores which causes dust or some unhygienic substances in the air get into our skin very easily which is a great cause of various skin diseases...
plz reply
thx for the help =)

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