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Long term remedy for pimples include, medicine to purify blood, drinking lots of water, keep face oil and dirt free so on and so forth.

For someone looking for like quick fix for the pimple, can use lemon juice as a remedy.

We all know when pimple seems to appear on the skin, there will mild irritation and stuff. Once it slightly start appearing, dab on a couple of drops of lemon juice on it and go to sleep. Morning when you wake it'll definitely disappear. This is one of the safest methods instead of pinching it out.

Another remedy that works better than lime juice is sandalwood paste/powder on the effected area. Since not all have an access to sandalwood, lime is definitely a quicker and an easier solution to make pimples disappear.

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I just scrolled through all the comments and comment replies too. Will you guys PLEASE use correct english? It's kinda hard for me to read and it's annoying.


Lemon or Lime juice? Your confusing me!

dexter gabreza

you cannot understand because you are absolutely idiot.
comment no.2:it means that you can use lemon or lime juice.


Does it actually work??


#2 sandpaper. Need sharp Buck too dig that puss out


For you people that are so grammar critical, there's a website for that crap and it AIN'T here! Try searching for your cure on a I believe you'll find that people like yourselves don't have much of a life and it will help you learn how to make friends! Idiots

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