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I found that the best thing for when I have an anxiety attack (been suffering for a good 6 years now) is to take these very simple steps:

1) Go put on some water to boil

2) While you are waiting for the water to boil, take some deep breaths- in through your nose, out through your mouth. I usually take between 5 to 20, depending on how strong the attack has hit me.

3) When the water has boiled, and you've breathed yourself into a somewhat more relaxed state, make yourself a cup of Chamomile tea (or green tea, if you prefer) with honey.

4) Sit down, and quietly sip on your hot tea, trying to focus on clearing your mind. (Takes a LOT of time to get this down.)

Eventually your anxiety attack will dissolve. You can also lay down a bit as you sip your tea and clear your mind :) Good luck ya'll!

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What if there is no quiet place? What if the stress is everywhere and the only quiet place isn't.


my husband suffers from this disorder and has been affecting him alot more often. it use to be every couple of months to weeks to every other day. he tends to overeact to little things and hes lucky im completely opposite. i had done the whole taking a hot shower and while he was doing that i was boiling water for chamomile tea to drink. while the tea bag was soaking in the cup i gave him a massage from head to toe with soundscpaes courtesy of ondemand comcast. within an hour he was a soo realax. been doing this for about a week. i wish there was a permanant natural way to get rid of this. i tell him its all in your head. just like what he was telling me when i was giving birth to our children. he was by my side while i was in labor and bc of him he helped me to be strong and tolerate the pain (all natural births) i guess its my turn to return the favor...

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