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try doing the shoulder stand. i did this for about 30 before the pain started to disappear. i did this for a total of five minutes and the pain was gone when i stood up. yoga is supposed to be soothing and massages your internal organs. the massaging of the internal organs help get all the built up gas inside you. Hope this Helps!

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I can't believe it but it worked instantly, thank goodness because I was in so much pain! Thank you!


OMG..... That really works!!! Almost fell off my bed lol, but it truly works. Thanks so much for the TIP!


What is a shoulder stand?


I get really bad gas pain that starts from close to my rib cage and at times runs to my back. I always tried to cure it with peppermint tea until I tried this and I am so glad I did. This has to be the best method and very soothing too. Thanks a lot for posting this!!!


Worked like a charm for my son.


I'm to fat and clumsy to do that without practice. So I hung off the arm of the couch. Almost instant relief. Thanks for the idea


To answer the question 'What's a shoulder stand?', a shoulder stand is where you lie on your back and then lift your legs up in the air ... now lift your buttock off the ground and, resting your elbows on the ground, use your hands at your hips to support your buttock and legs being lifted off the ground ... and that's it. If you go to YouTube and type 'shoulder stand' in the search box, it will bring up many demonstrational videos. Hope that helps :-)


OMG! Did it for 1 mn and already burping the gas out :-))))

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