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Emile Chaput

Well, here's one that works! I've had toenail fungus for over 20 years on every single one of my nails. In fact it was so bad that I NEVER went either barefoot or wore open toe shoes because they looked so bad. I tried so many of the home remedies - Listerine, bleach, Vicks Vapo Rub, tea tree oil and on an on. What finally worked was a mild solution (and a few times not so mild) of potassium hydroxide applied about twice a week after the nails had been softened with Vicks Vapo Rub and tea tree oil. Now, I don't know how much the Vicks and tea tree oil had to do with it, but, I told my doctor what I was doing, and when I mentioned potassium hydroxide, all he said was, 'That'll do it'. And it did. After about 5 months, my toenails are a little over half way replaced with beautiful new nails with that little crescent moon looking thing where the nail starts to grow. You can buy potassium hydroxide on Amazon in flake form. I mix it about 20% by weight with water. Amazon also has 10% solutions available. Potassium hydroxide is used to identify fungus by dissolving skin tissue and leaving the fungus to gauge its color against a color strip. However, by that time, the fungus is also dead.

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It can be potassium or sodium or calcium but the active component is the hydroxide or peroxide.

Both are caustic and dangerous in high concentrations but fine in low concentrations for external applications. SImply put, both are a type of bleach. Sodium Hydroxide is a main component of soap. Bleach has been used for hundreds of years as a cleaner and mould remover. Fungus is a type of mould.

Just buy any household bleach and dilute 1 cup to 3 or 4 cups of water....typically you want 3\\% concentration. Soak daily 10 mins. Takes about 4 months for nice new nails. Some take longer or shorter.

Some interchange days with diluted vinegar 1 cup to 3 or 4 cups water. Vinegar will neutralise the skin area but it also kills fungus. You can use each batch a few times.

Do not risk higher concentrations than 5\\%. You have lived with it for so long...whats a few months longer matter.

God Bless and Good luck from Australia

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