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Emile Chaput

Well, here's one that works! I've had toenail fungus for over 20 years on every single one of my nails. In fact it was so bad that I NEVER went either barefoot or wore open toe shoes because they looked so bad. I tried so many of the home remedies - Listerine, bleach, Vicks Vapo Rub, tea tree oil and on an on. What finally worked was a mild solution (and a few times not so mild) of potassium hydroxide applied about twice a week after the nails had been softened with Vicks Vapo Rub and tea tree oil. Now, I don't know how much the Vicks and tea tree oil had to do with it, but, I told my doctor what I was doing, and when I mentioned potassium hydroxide, all he said was, 'That'll do it'. And it did. After about 5 months, my toenails are a little over half way replaced with beautiful new nails with that little crescent moon looking thing where the nail starts to grow. You can buy potassium hydroxide on Amazon in flake form. I mix it about 20% by weight with water. Amazon also has 10% solutions available. Potassium hydroxide is used to identify fungus by dissolving skin tissue and leaving the fungus to gauge its color against a color strip. However, by that time, the fungus is also dead.

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Only £5.40 including postage in the UK!!

See eBay item number 360379669333
It won't let me post a link on here.

This is a 50% solution. I just put in a small container and added 4 times as much water to get 10%. Simples! And it's working great. Not losing nails, no yellowing and toe nails slowly growing out healthy.


So I am trying the 10% solution, I did get yellowing if the nail the first night. Then I wore a whole day right after. Tonight is the second night and I have been flushing my toe all night because the pain is sort of unbearable. I can tell you guys that the nail is getting softer. I scraped off most of the affected area. I am thinking the pain comes from the fact that I tried to be too bold and skipped the baking soda. I think I am going to lay of it until the pain subsides, then I will try it again with the baking soda. Wish me luck!


The lady who got painful toes - did you try it again with success?

Steve W

A 3 month update....

potassium hydroxide certainly does work better than anything I've tried before but I've found it's not perfect on its own. It's just too powerful. Even at low concentrations using too regularly damages the nail bed as well as killing the fungus. I've found the perfect regime for me is to use 10% potassium hydroxide once a week and then the rest of the time use a standard anti fungal twice daily. The potassium hydroxide dissolves the fungus and then the anti fungal stops it growing back. Using potassium hydroxide every day just damaged my toes and nails too.

The anti fungal I use is undecylenic acid and is very cheap. Target's home brand is only $6 and in the uk Fungi nail can be bough off Amazon for £10. It lasts 2-3 months depending on use.
With the progress I'm making I'm hoping to have perfect nails in another 3-6 months. This isn't an over night cure but it works!!!

I also have a good set of nail clippers which I use to cut away any dead fungus once a week.


Checking back in after about a year and half since treating my nails with potassium hydroxide. This stuff works! Only one toe began to get some fungus back which leads me to believe I just didn't treat it long enough. I am now using PH again. I use a 10% liquid solution and use everyday until the skin gets painful then I back off until I can handle it again. Strangely, it only burns on two of my toes. Four have fungus and only the two big toes hurt from the solution. My two little toes can handle it daily with zero burning. I am super impressed with this treatment! Only downside, my nails get horribly yellow while using the solution but it's worth it. It goes away. This stuff works!


I didn't know what this stuff was until I looked up lye as I had tried some wood ash on my face as a facial stung like crazy but highlighted lots of circles on my skin that otherwise were hard to see, it could be fungal as I have suffered for a good while now with recurring weeping blisters that feel like hair folicles prodding deep in skin.
Just wondering will this wood ash kill fungus if it's there?? or will it melt my face off??


I've had toenail fungus in my right big toe since about late 1981 or early 82, around 33 years. I've tried tolnaftate, clotrimazole, undecylenic acid, miconazole, terbinafine, and other OTC medications. None of them worked. I've tried lots of home remedies such as vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, soda, alcohol, vicks rub, tea tree oil, radiator fluid, and many others. None of them worked.

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover SHICR with 'less than 3% potassium hydroxide' is what I've been using the last 2.5 months. The first day or 2 the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover SHICR was awesome, far better than anything else I've tried. Potassium Hydroxide PH is the main ingredient in shicr. Like some other treatments, shicr showed greater promise the first few days than after weeks or months of using it. The surface fungus is all gone now, but some red hyphae (fungus roots) still form an arc from the left rear nail corner up through the nailbed center and down to the right rear nail corner.

Now, after about 2 and a half months of shicr there is little if any progress being made against the remaining fungus. If the shicr doesn't kill all of the fungus, then the fungus is sure to spread out again when I stop using shicr. With shicr, the nail has grown out a millimeter mm or so of clear nail a few times, but the fungus always made a comeback and re-infected the new growth. The shicr is - less than 3% PH - based on what little I could find on the web about shicr ingredients. That probably means between 2 and 3 percent PH. There is no pain at all, no side effects, with shicr but it may not be a high enough level of PH to kill the fungus completely. I'm tempted to buy some higher strength PH, but first I'll use all the shicr and see if it kills the fungus.


Suzy's Addendum to today's previous post -
Besides tolnaftate, clotrimazole, undecylenic acid, miconazole, terbinafine, vinegar, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, soda, alcohol, vicks rub, tea tree oil, radiator fluid, etc, I've been treated by various doctors. The nail was removed on 2 separate occasions by 2 different foot doctors. That didn't help at all. The nail still had fungus when it grew back out. Out of about 4 prescription medications, the only one that seemed to make any difference was Lamasil (generic = terbinafine) taken orally as a pill. Maybe if I stayed on it for years it might have gotten rid of the fungus, but I gave up after about 3 months. Didn't notice any side effects from Lamasil pills.

Other than Potassium Hydroxide, PH, one other 'break through' I should mention is to use an Electric Nail File ENF. Regardless of which medication you put on your nail, it has to make contact with the fungus to have any chance of success. If the fungus in the skin of the nail bed is protected by a thick nail above it, there is no hope of the cream getting down to the roots of the fungus beneath the skin of the nail bed. An enf looks something like a Dremel drill. It's more of a grinder than a file. You can buy an ENF off ebay or Amazon for $15 or so. My ENF cost about $11.50 including shipping via ebay in 2013. An ENF typically comes with a few metal grinding attachments and a sanding attachment. With an ENF you can easily keep the nail filed completely away so that medications can make contact with the fungus in the nail bed. Even with daily ENF use, the roots of the fungus are still something like an eighth inch under the surface of the nail bed.

Although shicr is by far the most effective medication against fungus that I've found, and even though I use the ENF daily to keep the nail filed completely away, the shicr still hasn't completely killed all the fungus yet after almost 2.5 months.


There is laser treatment now available and it works! I've seen on Groupon at times. One lady said she put lye flakes on her face and it 'burned". Well if she had gotten it in the eye, she would burn the cornea and cause blindness. Lye is very caustic to tissue (used to dissolve road kill and dead bodies); it's very alkaline and much worse than acid. Be very careful with percent, you could even burn thru nail bed and never have nail growth. Always protect your eyes when using alkaline products! If it's burning, rinse for minimum of 15 minutes! Neutralizes it! I'm sure this works but use lowest percent first..


Hello all,

This is my first post but just had to put my 2 cents in - I tried the Potassium Hydroxide remedy and after 7 years of tried and failed with multitude of products - Even doctor prescribed pills, nothing worked. This is exactly what I did: Purchased Potassium Hydroxide flakes at Amazon for about 6.00, Purchased a pen grinder from Harbor Freight. I filled a dark glass bottle about half way with water, then put it a few flakes, tested the acidity on my finger - if didn't sting, put a little more flakes, kept at it until just felt a light sting, as the skin on toe will be more sensitive that was good enough. I removed the nail, then ground out what I could with the pen grinder which worked great, then applied the acidified water with cotton swab, if it burns too much just dilute dropper with more water. I applied it every chance i got every day and I can say I am Fungus Free!! Yes it did seem like dangerous but not really if you use common sense care. Even my doctor was surprised and she asked my how I did it lol.

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