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Emile Chaput

Well, here's one that works! I've had toenail fungus for over 20 years on every single one of my nails. In fact it was so bad that I NEVER went either barefoot or wore open toe shoes because they looked so bad. I tried so many of the home remedies - Listerine, bleach, Vicks Vapo Rub, tea tree oil and on an on. What finally worked was a mild solution (and a few times not so mild) of potassium hydroxide applied about twice a week after the nails had been softened with Vicks Vapo Rub and tea tree oil. Now, I don't know how much the Vicks and tea tree oil had to do with it, but, I told my doctor what I was doing, and when I mentioned potassium hydroxide, all he said was, 'That'll do it'. And it did. After about 5 months, my toenails are a little over half way replaced with beautiful new nails with that little crescent moon looking thing where the nail starts to grow. You can buy potassium hydroxide on Amazon in flake form. I mix it about 20% by weight with water. Amazon also has 10% solutions available. Potassium hydroxide is used to identify fungus by dissolving skin tissue and leaving the fungus to gauge its color against a color strip. However, by that time, the fungus is also dead.

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Did this method burn or irritate the skin around the nail?


If this helped you I might try it, I have really bad fungus on 4 toes on my right foot, it's disgusting and I can never wear open toed shoes. Did you harm any of your skin ?


With regards toy comment above. I think I'll forget trying your remedy!!! A third type of reaction involves the dilution of potassium hydroxide with water. As harmless as this may seem, this reaction can be dangerous and even deadly due to the violent exothermic reaction created. This type of exothermic reaction generates heat that is referred to as the 'heat of dilution' and is often masked by adding potassium hydroxide solution slowly to water. If the dilution of potassium hydroxide does become necessary, never proceed without first securing the proper control environment. Always use caution when reacting other materials with potassium hydroxide!!


Potassium hydroxide = caustic potash

www. potassium-hydroxide .com

'A toxic and highly corrosive chemical used to make soap, in bleaching, and as a paint remover.'

'Other uses include in veterinary medicine in disbudding calves horns and to dissolve scales and hair;'

Used in cuticle removal products where it softens (not removes) the skin. The 'remove' part is actually pushing back the softened cuticle skin, not removing it. As Emile said, 'dissolves skin tissue'. I don't know if a 20% solution (measured how? by volume or weight?) is considered a 'mild' solution. Apply cuticle remover, wait 5 minutes, push back the softened cuticle skin, and flush after a max of 8 minutes after application. Some are even stronger and say to apply for only 30 seconds, rub a few seconds, push back cuticle, and flush with soapy water. Emile didn't mention flushing the area sometime after applying it to the affected area or working (rubbing or scraping) the treated area to dislodge and remove the fungal buildup or how long before flushing the treated area. Emile's use of VapoRub was a substitute for the lanolin or glycerine found in cuticle remover.

www. sciencelab .com/msds.php?msdsId=9927230

Seems Emile's solution is like using a strong cuticle remover: apply and wait to soften, scrape away softened fungus (and skin), and then flush with soapy water. Emile didn't mention scraping or flushing but why soften the fungus-impregnated skin if not to also remove it?

L. Brown

It's true
This really, really works.
-clear potassium hydroxide in a dropper
(get it on ebay)
-baking soda

:cut back infected nail or file down as
far as possible to crack nail
:drop a few drops of potassium on let
soak a minute
:put some dry baking soda on
:drop another drop of potassium on
:cover with strong bandaid

Do this every night after you shower
or soak your feet in any solution you
are trying.Go to bed
You can choose to take the bandaid
off in the morning
or wear it all day I did just that,
and changed it at night.

Watch the skin and old nail infected
nail get so soft.
You will be able to remove the fungus
infected nail and skin.
You will be excited to see new pink
skin in a week or two.
Finally new nails growing out.

:CAUTION you may experience mild
stinging which goes away shortly
after you bandage your nail

I had toe nail fungus since 1995
and now at 50yrs, Jan. 2013
I finnaly have
clear toe nails!

I tried all the natural ideas and
over the counter products, your will
ever name like:
tea tree oil
apple cider vinegar
wild oregano oil
garlic oil
many anti-fungus cremes
this list could go on forever etc......

but the above treatment
finally finally finally
WORKS for real
Please try it!

Don't talk yourself out of it
no matter how much you want
something to happen
it won't
unless you do it
I read the other negative comments
Don't let other peoples fears stop
you, remember 'they' feared the world
was flat too!
It sure beats all the dangerous
perscriptions for toe nail fungus
bonus: it's cheap too

I prayed and this was my answer
now I have shared it with you
My only regret, I didn't pray
about it sooner!

May God bless you with beautiful
new nails

L. Brown

I also wanted to add to my above
You can also use potassium iodide
or clear potassium iodine
which is milder to sensitive
skin and cheaper too
A bottle on ebay costs about 5.00
works just as well and is ready for
use no mixing comes with dropper
already in bottle

Great for traveling
I took a bottle along with my baking
soda ( I put some in an empty vitamin
bottle) and bandaids on trips with me
same method'

:cut back infected nail or file down as
far as possible to crack nail
:drop a few drops of potassium on let
soak a minute
:put some dry baking soda on
:drop another drop of potassium on
:cover with strong bandaid

Do this every night after you shower
or soak your feet in any solution you
are trying.Go to bed
You can choose to take the bandaid
off in the morning
or wear it all day I did just that,
and changed it at night

or buy the flake form of potassium
hydroxide off amazon and mix it with
Both methods work try one today
God bless


I am using potassium hydroxide on my toe nails and am wondering if those of you who have used it experienced worsened yellowing before it got better? My nails got super yellow after the first night.
Also, for the person who used baking soda with it, what was the purpose for that? How does it help?

Thanks so much!


I've suffered from fungal nail infections for over ten years. Eight out of ten of my nails are affected with one of my small toes being completely unable to grow any form of nail the fungus is so bad.

I bought liquid Potassium hydroxide of a 50% mix from eBay. I've only been using it a week but already the results are very promising. This stuff is strong!!! It's can burn lie hell on some toes so be warned! The results are almost immediate tho. Within hours the big hard white areas of fungus appear to have been dissolved. Time will tell if its killing the fungus but for now its very promising. Big pharmaceuticals wouldn't market this product as there would be no profit in it as its cheaply available and unlike there snake potions probably won't take years to kill the fungus. I will update when I see further results.

I am no doctor so have no idea of any side effects of this product. Use at own risk.

I'm also keen to hear the reason behind adding baking soda.


Forgot to add my name to that last comment. And to Isabella, no my nails aren't turning yellow.



50% - Holy crap that's strong! I'm using 10% and already had to back off two of my nails because the skin around them is burning and blood came to the surface (like blood blisters). How often do you put this stuff on? I really want it to work but I'm a little nervous about the nail yellowing thing that's happening. Please keep me posted.

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