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Like many others I have TERRIBILE toothe pain in my lower right molar caused by infection at the root. The pain is much bigger than the relief provided by Tylenol with codiene that I am eating like candy. The pain extends all the way to my temple, gets worse with hot or cold substances and air temperatures, and sometimes spikes into the left side of my tongue. I can't go to the dentist because I just returned from the dentist two days ago having a molar surgically removed from the left side. I gotta have at least one side to chew on cause room temperature mashed potates and applesauce have gotten really old. Until the left side heals up completely, I am forced to suffer through. So, I find myself on this website.
In complete desperation I combined several remedies cause I needed immediate relief.
From my pantry I used 2 shakes of garlic powder, 1 shake of sea salt, 4 whole cloves, about 5 drops of olive oil, and a dash of cayenne pepper. smashed the cloves to powder mixed everything together to make a paste. Applied the paste librally to the affected toothe, making sure to get it into the space where the pain was greatest, but also making sure to NOT get it into my open surgical wound. Allowed it to sit about 5 min. I wiped away the excess, but did not rinse my mouth.

Yes, there was much burning for the first 30 seconds and all I could think was 'burn baby burn'. But, the burning was nothing compared to the pain I had.

After about 2 min maybe less, my pain started to subside, and after 5 min, it was completely GONE. 8 hours later, I am still pain free, although I have the previously prepared paste on standby.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for the extensive detail on the mixture, preparation and use. I haven't tried it, yet, but now I know exactly what to get and how much to use. Gotta make a run to the store now.


Thank You!!! Worked great. Like you said burned for about 2 minutes, I didnt think I could stand it, but then total relief!!


My abscess doesn't hurt, but that mixture minus the cloves definitely made my mouth water.


I'm trying it with a cotton ball right now. I've got to spit out the hot saliva but it's easing the tooth pain that had me up all night. I tried slices of ginger & a chai tea bag too, both so so but better than nothing.

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