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Make sure your boyfriend is treated as well. I had a boyfriend who everytime we had sex it would come back. We broke up and I have been BV free for a year. I think it was him (which sounds weird but totally possible) His ex became one of my good friends and told me she got BV all the time with him because he had a 'dirty d***' It's not about being dirty though. The boys never treat themselves because they have no symtoms.. But think about it like this: you have sex with him while you are infected (even if its just a little bit, not badly infected) and then you do all these remedies to clear it and you think its gone... It is gone and would prob stay gone, but then you have sex with someone who was having sex with you while you had the infection. It will keep on going and going unless he takes antibiotics, and probiotics after and you do the same, and yall stop having sex for atleast two maybe three weeks. This is my advice and it's worked for me for a year. Also if a guy ever smells kinda funny (even just a tiny bit) NEVER have sex with him because A)it could be something way worse than BV or B)it could be bad bacteria that will make your BV flare up like a son of a gun. I don't care if this guy is amazing and crazy adorable: don't do it. Also always always shower after sex, NOT bath but SHOWER. If I even feel it coming on I insert probiotics down there with a tampon covered in plain yogurt. It goes away right away as long as : you don't eat candy (I know your craving it) don't drink alcohol, and don't drink coffee or soft drinks, also no smoking! Take vitamin C and get plenty of rest and water. It will all go away but only if you tell your boyfriend he has to be treated to.I'm sure people will think 'boys cant get BV what's this chick talking about?' However; they can get bad bacteria down there just like us... and after all isn't that what BV is?? :)

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There is nothing wrong with them that is is their semen that throws off your Ph balence which is the entire problem and nothing will ever change them, you could be the first person he ever had sex with and it may still happen, sucks for him!. It is not an STD and they just have not ejaculate in you or use a condom.


Also, every guy smells different and you wont be going around asking him to cum in a cup so you can smell it. It is usually sweat or his pubes that smell. You shouldnt have unprotected sex anyway.. you can only visibly tell if men have problems if there are sores or greenish fluid similar to pre-cum. Dont have sex with your man that you already knows gives you BV until your BV is gone. Prevent it from happening again by eating yogurt, not douching, and using a feminine wash that is Ph balenced. Take folic acid and get plenty of vitamin C and cranberry. There is nothing you can do to your man that will change him, so if youre not trying to get pregnant,wrap it up or pull out.


You have to have a vagina to have bv...a man cannot get it or carry it. It's a reaction from his sperm.


I asked my doctor if my husband should be treated, and she sarcastically said, 'Does he have a vagina?' I really think it all has to do with our bodies being able to re-stabilize the ph after our periods and sex. It's a sensitive little eco-system in there :)

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