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Light a stick of incense and hold it on your genital wart. Repeat until it is a flat scab. This works best on large 'cauliflower' type genital warts. I'm female and had them surrounding my vaginal opening. I tried everything and this is the only thing that has given IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Tea tree oil works also but it takes a while. Rub Vitamin E oil (or break open a capsule) onto your scabs to promote healing. It feels amazing to finally have a normal looking vagina again! :)

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Hi there, won't it hurt if you burn the warts on your skin, espacially on the genetal areas and under arms..?


Yes it will hurt but its quick and a small price to pay to be wart free. I had one small wart and one a little larger on the shaft of my penis. What i did was heat up a small piece of solid copper wire (regular household type) with a candle then just barely touched just the warts with it within a week there was no sign they were ever there. Obviously if u have large affected areas Id make sure u can do it without branding ur whole genital area but for small areas this works quickly and very efficiently with practically no cost but a piece of wire and a candle. Good luck

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