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Orange juice helped my son with his constipation. Also, you can use vasoline in the area to help the poop slide out easier. What also worked was giving my son a teaspoon of olive oil in his mouth. It wont hurt him/her, it will only make it easier to go poop..

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About the olive oil my son is only 3 weeks and 2 days old now how much would I be able to give him since he is so constipated he cries in pain till I get his formula changed.??


Im so worry about my son, he is having a serious constipation problem! I so worry about him! what to do ?


The remedies listed above is good but better if u can look for long term solution in children constipation. IMO prebiotics in some milk formula is very good cos can prevent children constipation in the long run! U shud try !


My daughter encounter such problem too.. but i gave her some prune juice everyday. It works and now eventhough her problem is solved i still continue giving her juice.


Facing the same problem last time, but once switched to Mamil for a week, it really works! Because it contains no sugar and high DHA, it helps to prevent hyper-active tooo! But, the pre-biotic in Mamil help to solve constipation problem!


My LO poo now is in healthy form bcos of Mamil. I used it bcos my sister in law introduced me at the first place where I was just like u all too, looking for solution for this constipation prob.


Try changing your milk powder! I think because the formula powder!


Making more Puree for them, which really helps their digestive system!

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