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I'm 22, when I was 18 I left home to move in with 'the love of my life'... I literally left one state to live life with him in another. My first outbreak was HORRENDOUS!!! I remember feeling like someone was reaching into my uterus and ripping it out everytime I peed, I remember crying and shaking yo the point where my father had to rush me to the hospital. The doctor said it could have been herpes or soreness from having so much rough sex... I went home told 'the love of my life' and looked at him with confusion because I never had unprotected sex until I was with him... Got a call a week later letting me know I had contracted the virus... He then said 'maybe its dorment in my blood stream...'... Idiot... Anywho they put me on acyclovir... But it wasn't working for me at all!!! Had no idea why

Two weeks later I thought I had a yeast infection, so bought all these kits to clear it up and I was feeling horribly sick... Found out I was 8 weeks pregnant

I told him, he kicked me out and told me to get an abortion... So

I kept my baby, I got the best doctor I could get on welfare they did an extensive std testing and found he had given me Herpes, HPV(genital warts kind), and Trich(disgusting bacteria STI)... The trich was curable but the other two are for life... During my pregnancy I suffered outbreaks the most because my body was shutting my immune system for my son to develop, if the body does not do so it would kill the baby off as a foreign thing in your body that does not belong...

The doctors had me on Valtrex, way stronger than acyclovir for me and the HPV only affected me when I was pregnant

After I had my son, my mother did some research and found OREGANO OIL... I strongly suggest looking this up!!!

Supposedly, the oregano oil can and will kill the virus... Now I did the treatment but not consistently like I should have... I didn't have a breakout for close to 2 years after that treatment... I suggest buying the pills and the oil... Google 'Oregano Oil and Herpes'... Some people have stated that they no longer have the virus

Also, after I did the treatment I entered a relationship and I was up front and honest about my condition and health... He accepted me and we had unprotected sex like MILLIONS of times... He is my husband :)... He has not contracted the virus from me... We believe the oregano oil has something yo do with that...

Anyway, I'm praying for you all... This condition is not the end of the world, although it sucks, it is still manageable

I am currently going through a breakout and because I don't have anymore oil or have the money for it(its very expensive)... I'm looking for remedies until I can start the treatment

God bless and good luck :)

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I had my 1st outbreak and was diagnosed with GH in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy (my daughter is due this month!) My doctor has me on acyclovir but I am still having an outbreak now. I'm nervous because She can come any time now and I want this breakout gone before I go into labor... Did you have any issues right before labor? Was your son unaffected by the virus? I'm trying not to stress but I just want to make sure my daughter isn't affected by this thing....


if you have GH, your doctor should definitely schedule you for a c section vs. natural birth. The reason is because even if you don't currently have an outbreak, there is still a chance that the virus is roaming around in the vagina somewhere and can be transfered to the baby during childbirth. Ask your doctor about this if he/she hasn't already given you options about delivery. I wish you and the baby the best. I think you guys will be fine esp with a c section.

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