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The best way to whiten your teeth is to get in the car and drive to the dentist. Don't use bleach, lemon juice or peroxide. Especially don't mix peroxide and baking soda or you will have a volcano going off in your cup.

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Best way to have white teeth? Get a set of dentures and then you can play around with funny mixtures without blowing your head off!! The bonus is, you still have your own teeth!


Actually my dentist suggested that I use perixode to whiten my teeth.. half a cup of water and half a cup of perixode but DO NOT SWALLOW IT then you rinse out your mouth good with just WATER.


My uncle (who is a dentist) has told us it IS ok to use baking soda and peroxide. As well as bananas, or strawberries, and even eating apples can help.


Hey these are great tips thanks and the person who said 'go to the dentist' is wrong


hahahahahahahahhahaha. this guy is a bro


go to the dentist? you must be a dentist or related to one...for $514 dollars I got a weeks worth of whitening product...granted they did a treatment in the office that took 15 min to do, but when I asked what if I wanted them whiter- I was told to buy the product to do at home was a 3 week supply for $ I paid $464 I paid for 15 min of their time?? do prostitutes even make that much??


Sometimes people don't have the insurance to go to the dentist asshole


LOL ..cuz there is nothing better than making the dentists RICHER than they already are ..good answer .. haha


Wow i can't believe this person, must be a blonde!!! LOL!! hahaha


Your comments are just cracking me up. Im glad this person posted such as your comments are giving me more home remedies to use and to those with uncles and aunties who are dentists are giving us assurance on those ingriedients. I Love u dude hahahaha...

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