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The best way to whiten your teeth is to get in the car and drive to the dentist. Don't use bleach, lemon juice or peroxide. Especially don't mix peroxide and baking soda or you will have a volcano going off in your cup.

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You are thinking of baking soda and vinegar.


Lol fail. But Tea tree oil drops in your ounce of water rinse, baking soda


Didn't it say home remedies lol


what a nice troll, how about you go to the dentist for some fluoride treatment and leave us smart people alone?


Lol these comments cracked me up!


giver hell lol ive been washing my mouth out befor i go to bed with peroxide foe years and i let it sit all night and the funny thing is the dentist asked me how i keep them so white i told him and hes said its great for your gums so misses go to the dentist and get them whitend u dont know what your talking about so before u leave comments u should know what your talking about


Are you retarded?

Dr. Seuss

The guy must be a dentist 'GO TO THE DENTIST' NOT!!!!! stay away from dentist they just want your money. most kids know it vinegar and baking soda not peroxide. you know what delete this guy comment freak.




I agree we come on here because we want to learn tricks for at home. And actually my aunt is a dentist and peroxide and baking soda are easier on your teeth than what the dentist charges you top money for. It also won't explode in your bowl I've done it many times. That's baking soda and vinagar. I think this answer from who ever this blow Jo is needs to be deleted. Also if we wanted to go to the dentist we would and we wouldn't be waisting time looking on here. Some times in life things are better left in your own head.

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