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Kevin B.

Simply put....I had been diagnosed with herpes back in the late 1980's. Suffered like most. Getting outbreaks weekly, then monthly. Listened to my body when outbreaks were about to happen...(everybody is different). Searched and searched then got lucky and went to a site and read up on everything and listened to all the videos. After listening to why no cure was available (pharmaceutical companies)... this gentleman told his story...even warned that the links would be shut down due to the fact that it was a natural cure...not a product of a pharmaceutal company....and sure enough they shut it down....I went to ebay and found the product...used it according to directions.....and have been absolutely FREE OF OUTBREAKS FOR OVER A YEAR.
Go and Google search ' Jim Humble's Mineral Suppliment'
I have waited this long to make sure I felt comfortable with passing this discovery on to others, but I am at a point where I am 100% sure it did the trick.
Simply put it is a water purification additive....and the human body is mostly water.....get it?

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read the WIKI on Jim Humble Medical solution. @ Wikipedia


That stuff is poison. Id rather have Herpes then die of respritory failure from a chlorine dioxide overdose.

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