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Ken Reihl

For a case of Poison Ivy the best way to take care of it for me is a plant called Jewelweed. In most areas Jewelweed grows neear Poison Ivy. Look in damp soil near brooks, lakes, etc. This plant grows up to 3 to 4 feet and you will see Yellow, Pink, Purple, or Orange flowers depending on the area you live in. The native American's used this treatment in the past and it worked for me. First wash the infected area with dish washing soap then pick the Jewelweed plant and crush the steam of the plant and apply the paste to the poison ivy. The plant will give a clear liquid. This will attack the oil which allows poison ivy to spread. Lastly DO NOT cover the infected area. It needs to dry out in the air. Jewelweed will also help with the itching. Good Luck

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thank you for this suggestion it worked very well.


Been using this for years, Jewel weed is the weed that has the flowers that look like snap dragons, and also the little cucumber like fruit that when ripe at a touch it bursts sending it seeds everywhere. I used to as a kid pop these. Still do, have it growing all around my yard along with the vicious poison ivy, oak, sumac. It does work though.

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