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I was born with the fungal infection in my body. My tiny little fingernails and toenails were mangled and the soles of my feet had a solid thick callous the day I was born.

I got it from my great-grandmother-grandmother-father, my cousin was also born with it from my aunt/his mom. I have always lived with it over many years, I have embraced the natural way of doing things.

I have tried peroxide, and that has been good. I have tried the vinegar internally and soaking and that has been okay.

I went looking for what deficiency I had to enable the fungus. Two weeks ago I began soaking in gold Walm*rt listerine and also taking 1000mg a day of MSM. Msm is the organic sulphur we need for healthy skin,nails,hair. In our processed foods, the sulphurs are the first thing processed out.

Much more palatable and easier to take the pill of msm than the vinegar, which is what the vinegar provides internally. Soaking in the vinegar, and trying to wash up the smell after, I still smelled like 'pickles' the next day and everyone I passed by asked where I had just eaten.

My condition has NOW changed, my fingers and toes are magically getting significantly better quicker!~! WOW No more cracked,bleeding fingernails and toenails. The pain has been debilitating.

SO I will continue soaking 20-30 min.each hand and each foot a day in the listerine and taking my 1000mg of msm a day. A good side effect has been the msm has helped my achy joints, inflamed with the fungus also.

The solid callous on the soles of my feet and up the sides of my feet is disappearing as well. Many sore spots when I walk due to less callous, but looking soooooooooo much better!~!

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Hi, you should get intravenous hydrogen peroxide treatments. Find a doctor who does chelation therapy and he should be able to do peroxide ivs.


When soaking my feet in the Listerine do I diluted it with water or just use the Listerine?

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