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1. Boil some water up, Using a saucepan or a microwave -(2 minutes in a glass cup)
2. Make sure you have some honey and lemon around.
3.Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the glass of warm water
then put the desired amount of honey onto a table spoon 2 will do.
4. Stir up the warm water, and taste it. Make sure it isn't too sweet.
If it is to sweet add extra lemon
5. Sip it little by little make sure you make it last as much as you can.
6. Keep trying every 3 hours.
7. Hopefully this helps!

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Although this tasted horrible, my throat was still sore

Roc Jam

This worked extremly fast for me. I was suffering all day with pain in my throat. Did a search on sore throat remedy and this is what I found. I recommend this to anyone. The taste isn't bad at all.

kedrics wife

that comment sounds fake


Lemonade and limeade work as well, and are tastier. To soothe throat, use honey instead of sugar.


Thank you SO Much!!! Its not sore anymore!

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